Policy Briefs

How Passers-By and Policymakers View Beggars in American Communities.” Policy Brief, Scholars Strategy Network, April 2014.

"Israeli Settlers Evicted from Occupied Areas Want Community Affirmation along with Compensation." Policy Brief, Scholars Strategy Network, November 2013.

Selected Blog Posts and Newsletter Items

"How Do Admen Sleep at Night? Responding to Moral Stigma in a Creative Industry." Work in Progress: Sociology on the Economy, Work and Inequality, July 2018 (with Andy Cohen).

"Exploring the Origins of the Humanitarian Sector through Archival Work.” Sectors - the Newsletter of the American Sociological Association’s Sociology of Development Section, Fall 2017.

"What Does Nationalism Have to Do with Humanitarianism?The Sociological Review Blog, September 2016.